“For every challenge, the right question is simply "...what's it going to take?”

- David Marsing VP Technology Intel (ret.)

About Elixsys Group


Elixsys has designed a modular chemistry and production system for mining and manufacturing high grade mineral compounds and technology metals from coal combustion products and oil & gas production fluids. These products are in high demand in the agricultural nitrogen, industrial fluids and technology metal markets having a combined value over $50 billion.  The Elixsys Process will produce an array of products opening revenue opportunities into several markets valued at over $50 billion.  Today the market for coal combustion products CCPs is valued at almost $40 billion, and predicted to be $65 billion by 2022.  The technology metals markets have a combined value of over $5 billion and predicted to top $9 billion by 2020.




Elixsys is affiliated with Eagle Harbor Holdings, LLC and ClaroVia Technologies
Bainbridge Island, Washington. 

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